Using Photograhy to Evaluate New Plants

Pinky Winky Hydrangea

I'm heading off to Benelux to look for new plants so I don't have a lot of time to write. But before I take off I wanted to share with you some of the plants that are looking really good this week. I spend a lot of time in the garden evaluating plants and shooting pictures. Digital picutures are an invaluble evaluation tool for me as I can go back at any time and see what bloomed and when. It allows me to doucment disease and insect problems and compare the data over different years. I can also go back later in the year when I'm not quite so busy and evalaute how my new varieties compared to the old. I see so many plants over the course of a week, that my camera helps to shapen my memory. Here's a few new plants that are looking good right now.

Bloomerang Lilac Blooming in August!

Lo & Behold Blue Chip Miniature Butterfly Bush

Little Lamb Hydrangea

Let's Dance Moonlight Reblooming Hydrangea

Many gardens don't offer a whole lot of color at this time of year. That's beause most people shop for plants in the spring and buy on impulse. How about your garden? Let me know what's looking good in your garden right now?

I'll check in with you in about a week when I get back from the low lands.


  1. Hey Tim,

    Nikko Blue hydrangea is just now subsiding from its blue glory, it's waning to a pinkish blue now. We set some lilies out late and they're blooming now, just some orientals we had laying around.

    I was wondering what tool you use to help you organize your photos on your computer? I take lots of photographs and they're scattered in folders all over the place on my system. I would appreciate any tips you might have that would help me do a better job of keeping all my photographs in a central location. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Currently, my rose of Sharon are in high color and have a lot more to offer. I am also enjoying my gladiolus that just seem to never stop.
    I'm also, of course, getting my second bloom of daylily that is always nice this time of year.

    BTW--that August lilac is really cool!

  3. Organizing digital photographs can be frustrating. Here's how I do it. My Canon 10D's software uploads to my computer in raw format and stores them under My Pictures in files by date. I then go into photoshop and name my images botanically using the batch rename feature. I them move the images to files based on genus. I then choose the best images of each plant and save them as TIF images in a file called Master TIF. This is my go to place forg good images. JPG files I am told degrade every time they're opened. I also have foldered for Printing call 300dpi, and image file for web called 72 dpi and a file for Powerpoint called PowerPoint (PNG) Images. Each file has images sized for each purpose. For example the Poerpoint file has images that are sized to 500 px x 1000 px and saved as PNG format which loads quickly in Power point.

  4. Yeah the Bloomerang Lilac is very cool. It blooms in May and starts again in July. The second blooming is not as heavy as the first but it is still pretty good and the flowers are very fragrant.

  5. Tim-

    I finally found Pinky Winkys at a local nursery. I got 3 and I plan to group them. The spot that I've targeted for the group does get quite a bit of sun (from mid-morning until 5-ish). Can these indeed stand up to this much sun? I'm in zone 5b-6a (st louis area).

    Thanks, the pics and info are great!


  6. Hi Tim,

    Just to clear the air about JPEG's: they will degrade a little each time when opened for editing (in an editing type of program) but not when viewed with programs like Windows Fax and Picture Viewer. Editing and saving in said programs will rerun the compression algorithms which then discards additional data (detail) from the image. BTW, Incrediball looks very promising!

  7. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Hi Tim, What a dream job! Good for you!
    My 'windplant' of the year is my Cerostigma plumbaginoides. (Blue Leadwort?) Right now the two tiny plants has become a vast shelf of perfect cobalt blue. My name 'windplant' is the plant that makes visitors suck in a big gust of air when they see it :-)
    Anemone 'Lord Lieutenant' has also just bloomed. Blue/purple,amazing.

  8. Cerostigma plumbaginoides is putting on a show in my garden and just yesterday I was looking at it with amazement wondering why it's not more popular. It does leaf out late, but what a spectacular ground cover. The blue flowers are electric!

    Pinky Winky and all Hydrangea paniculata cultivars thrive in full sun.

  9. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Are you little lambs still standing? Im my yard, this variety is the groundcover form of hydrangea. I prefer my quickfire and limelights for staying power. I am moving into grasses this time of year as they are in full glory.

  10. Give Little lamb a few years to mature it will hold it's blooms up just fine. You will not be disappointed!

  11. a double blooming lilac would be wonderful. put that on the market!


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