Abelia mosanensis (Fragrant Abelia)

Abelia mosanensis

This relatively rare Abelia is worth looking for if you enjoy fragrance in the garden.

It is a noteworthy because unlike any other Abelia it is highly fragrant, and very hardy - Zone 4.

I obtained this plant from a Latvian woman I met in Germany. I do not speak German or Russian, and she did not speak English but by pointing to some images and using botanical latin names I was able to show my interest in obtaining some plants. With the help of email, a translator and fedex I had this wonderful plant within six months.

Abelia mosensis as it turns out is actually a Korean native. It forms its flower buds in autumn and blooms in spring. The buds appear reddish-pink and the open to white. The fragrance is as good as Hyacinths or Korean Spice Viburnum. It is a most delightful plant to have in the garden.

The plant is a large, somewhat loose plant with glossy simple leaves that matures around 6ft. In the Autumn the foliage turns shades of orange and red.

We introduced this plant some 5 years ago and it is loved by all who have grown it.

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