Talks, Meetings, Misc. (Things a Nurseryman does in the Winter)

American Hydrangea Society February Lecture Meeting!

If you live the in the Greater Atlanta area I will be speaking at the American Hydrangea Society Meeting, Monday, February 22, 2010, at the Atlanta Botanical Garden (Day Hall) at 7:30 pm.

The American Hydrangea Society is one of my favorite groups, because (as you may know) I'm pretty much crazy about Hydrangeas. If you can make it great! Send an RSVP at their Facebook Page.

Horticulture Students

If you are a Hort student I have good news. Spring Meadow Nursery offers internships. It's a great place to work and to learn. We welcome international students as well. We've had interns from France, Poland, and the USA. Learn more.

Dale Deppe the owner of Spring Meadow, knows that the future of horticulture depends on the next generation. That's why he has started a scholorship for aspiring horticulturists. Apply at ANLA.

ANLA Management Clinic in Louisville.

American (Plant) Idol

I hope to see some of you at the ANLA Management Clinic. I will be presenting some new plants at the PLANT IDOL on Monday, Feb. 1 at 2:45. I'll need your votes so please come and cheer me on. Come see Horticulture’s hottest new intros, a celebrity panel of judges and Chris “Call me Seacrest” Beytes. In this fast-paced, high-drama session you’ll meet the latest and greatest plant introductions, hear them professionally critiqued by expert judges, and vote to determine the winner.

(Please come and vote for me and boo the judges if they give me a hard time!)

The No-New-Plants New Plant Session

I'll also be on a group panel -  "The No-New-Plants New Plant" Session. No plant talk allowed here, rather we will be discussing the role of new plants in nursery / garden center business. This will be on Tuesday, Feb 2nd at 10:15. Hope to see you there.