PUFFER FISH® Hydrangea is a Winner

Make your landscape designs fun. PUFFER FISH® Hydrangea paniculata is like a BOBO® Hydrangea, but on steroids. Like Bobo, every inch of the plant is covered in billowy white blooms, but the plant is larger and the flower heads are much larger. It's so lovable, you will be compelled to hug it. Even as the white flowers age to green, new flowers continue emerge at the tip. A bit like a fish statue spitting water into a fountain. Never floppy, the strong stems hold up the big blooms in the container and in the garden.

Three gallon container of Puffer Fish hydrangea

In our Trial Garden

Note the size of the blooms

This is the Hydrangea paniculata you want if you're looking for white 

Note how the flowers keep emerging at the apex of the panicle

The flowers age green w/o any pink

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