Answers for Plant Breeders

As a plant breeder, I know how thrilling it is to have a new plant make it to market.  This picture was taken at a garden center in England and you can see how excited I was. It was the very first time I had seen my plant, Summer Wine® ninebark (Physocarpus), for sale in Europe. I had the same feeling of excitement when someone in my neighborhood planted one in their yard. It is one of the main reasons why we plant breeders breed plants.

Perhaps you are a plant breeder and you are looking for answers on how you can get your plant to market, how to protect your plant and how to make good decisions regarding your new plants. I just got out of a planning meeting to help organize the next Independent Plant Breeders Conference. It's going to be held in West Michigan (most likely Grand Rapids) in September of 2014. Breeders come to network, hone their breeding skills, see old friends and to get answers. In reviewing the feedback on the 2012 conference in Portland, the most requested speaker topics dealt with plant protection (plant patents, trademarks, and breeders rights) and how to get a plant to market. If you are a plant breeder, by all means make plans to attend this excellent conference. We would love to see you there, but if you want answers now I would suggest you check out the "Advice for Plant Breeders" page at the website. I just updated the entire site and most specifically tips and advice for new plant breeders as well as commonly asked questions with answers.

If you are a plant breeder, let me know what topics you want covered and what speakers your want to hear at the 2014 IPBC. This is your conference so let me know what you need. In addition, let me know if I need to answer any additional questions at