The “Apocalypse” at the Chateau d' Angers

In many ways I am fortunate that I have a job that takes me around the world looking for new plants, but many people including my wife think my travels are vacations. Contrary to popular belief, I do work very hard on these trips. It is not uncommon to visit nurseries and breeders from sun up to sundown for seven days straight. And in all my travels, I have yet to see the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, or the Red Light district in Amsterdam.

That being said, once in a while we do find ourselves without any appointments, and if we can’t find any garden centers in the area; we do take in the local sites. We had such a day while in Angers, France. We took a day off to visit the Chateau d’Angers, a fortress that dates back to the 13th century.

While castles in France are as abundant as wine, it was highly recommended that we visit the Chateau d’Angers; - not so much for the building itself, but rather to see the tapestry. Housed within this fortress is the “Apocalypse,” the oldest tapestry of its size in the world. Commissioned in 1373, this fantastic work of art measures a massive 10,764 square feet in size. It is made up of 70 individual panels that, when viewed as a whole, tell the pictorial story of Revelation, the last book of the bible.

As you can see from the images below, this is an exceptional work of art. And in my option much more remarkable than the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, or the Red Light district.

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