More New Plants: The Plant Hunter In Europe Part II

It was quite evident that there is a lot of shrub breeding going on in Europe. It appears that the trend in shrub use continues to grow in Europe just as it is here. And based on what we saw Hydrangea breeding is as strong as ever . Here is a small sample of what we ran across on our last trip across the big pond.

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Selina'
developed by Kwekerij Sidaco. These flowers were quite striking as the flower color is an unusual color. I'm not sure how to descripe the color.

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Selma' developed by
Kwekerij Sidaco. I love the ruffled sepals and the cream and pink coloration.

Quick Fire Hydrangea paniculata - The origianl plant developed by plantsman Mark Bulk

Pinky Winky Hydrangea paniculata - The original plant develpoed by Johan Van Juylendroeek at the Belgian Breeding Station in Flanders. Note how new white flowers continue to emerge from the tip of the inflorescens.

Edgy Hearts Hydrangea macrophylla - A new series of dramatic, "edgy" plants developed by master breeder Katrin Meinl.

Edgy Orbits Hydrangea macrophylla a new lacecap with doubled sepals in the Japanese style developed by yours truly.


  1. Thanks for stopping over with your great Annabelle hydrangea news. Stunning photos, Tim. If OK, would like add your link.

  2. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Edgy Orbits is amazing, how soon till growers start to distribute?

  3. I love the hydrangea flowers. Your photographs are perfect, majestic, fantastic. Sounds like you have a fascinating job. Keep up the good work..

  4. Joey, Thanks for the comments. Every one is welcome to link to my blog.

  5. Joe - Eggy Orbits will be available to wholesale growers next spring so you can expect to see plants are retail in spring of 2010. Perhaps you will see in next year via mail order. Thanks for the comments.

  6. John - Thanks for the comments. it's so encouraging to get positive comments. I encouage anyone that appreciates my blog to share it with a friend.

  7. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.
    I have a spot in front of a picture window which is reliably shady and irrigated. I would like to end up with a hedge about 10 foot across and not over 35 inches tall that is more interesting than boxwood. Any suggestions for a zone 9 garden? I have been thinking about either hydrangea or azalea, but am open to suggestions.

  8. I think both would be good choices, and very beautiful.

  9. Anonymous8:23 PM

    That 'Selina' is just lovely. Do you know where it's available?

  10. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Hi Tim, I had planned on buying a twist and shout hydrangea today, but after seeing your edgy orbits for the first time I fell in love... we are experiencing quite a heat wave in Chicago (95+ degrees) and no rain... however the 3 gallon plant still looks amazing. It is getting planted tomorrow in zone 5, dappled shade, west exposure, near a boxwood and japanese maple. I wanted to see if you have any tips for me. Thanks in advance, Kim

  11. Thanks for the comment Kim. It sounds like you picked a Good location for the Edgy Orbits Hydrangea. You might enjoy my previous post on Hydrangea care. It should answer all your hydrangea questions.


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