Reblooming Flowerings Shrubs: Part II

Typically perennials and shrubs bloom for three to four weeks, perhaps longer depending upon the weather. So utilizing plants that bloom for a long period of time, or that rebloom, is a real bonus. Once I started going through my pictures I was surprised at how many shrubs fit the bill. Certainly enough for a nursery or garden center to sell a rebloooming shrub program.

This weeks installment is made up entirely of Hydrangea. I sometimes get tired or writing about Hydrangea but it's difficult not to; it's such a vast and diverse genera. Additionally there is a lot of great breeding going on in Hydrangea.

Endless Summer Hydrangea is one of the most successful plant introductions in history. A brilliant marketing campaign has made this plant a household name. It has also piqued peoples interest in other reblooming Hydrangea and shrubs.

Forever and Ever TM Hydrangea comes from Europe. I've not seen all the plants in the collection but the red and pink mopheads look very good. Nice full flowers and dark foliage.

Let's DanceTM Moonlight Hydrangea is a personal favorite as I hybridized the plant. I'm still breeding Hydrangea and my goals are to improve the quality of the flowers (color and substance), thicker, darker leaves, wilt resistance and better stem hardiness.
On a side note, I got an email from someone that complained that I show and write about too many Spring Meadow plants and show nothing interesting or new that is not sold by Spring Meadow. I though I would respond by saying that I don't hide the fact I work for Spring Meadow Nursery - just read my profile. Additionally we grow thousands of different types of plants, primarily shrubs, but also vines and smaller trees. So it stands to reason I write about what I know best. If there are breeders or growers out there that have new plants and would like me to write about them - send me plants so I can grow them and know them.

Incincibelle TM Spirit Hydrangea is a new pink form of Hydrangea arborescens. After growing the plant I was surprised to learn that in addition to being the first pink mophead form of Hydrangea arborescens it was also a strong rebloomer. You can expect to see this Hydrangea in garden centers in the fall of 2009 or spring of 2010. Developed by Dr. Tom Ranney this shrub is very hardy, blooms on new wood (meaning that flowering is very reliable) and flowers from early summer until frost.


  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Hi Tim~~ I purchased H. p. 'Pinky Winky' a few weeks ago. It's just breaking dormancy. I wish I had a few acres to grow all of the lovely hydrangeas out there.

  2. I love my three Endless Summer hydrangeas, and it wouldn't bother me at all if every house on the block had one. RE your last post - I'm glad to learn that Limelight counts as a rebloomer, and I should have thought to include English roses among my favorite rebloomers. Before discovering them, I swore that I would never grow any roses - thinking only of the stiff, awkward hybrid teas. But I'm completely in love with the Austins.

  3. Never tire of hydrangeas, Tim (have many and love them all)! Thanks for keeping us updated.

  4. Anonymous5:43 PM

    I have Let's Dance and had to move it to a more shaded location. Can't wait to get my Invincibelle

  5. I'm a big fan of all hydrangeas. I have probably 10 different kinds in the gardens here at Chiot's Run.


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