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I suspect I have a wide mix of readers and subscribers; some of you are horticulturists and nursery people, while others are gardeners, both experienced and beginners. I think that's great. It keeps it fun.

I try to speak in a language that everyone can understand. I use scientific names and common names. I try to write articles that are interesting and educational for all my subscribers. But most of all I want to share my excitement for good plants.

But at the same time I get a lot of gardening questions. That is why am excited to introduce you to our Facebook Fan Page. I am so excited about what is going on there. I think you will be too. It is a community of gardeners looking for, and sharing gardening advice, stories, photographs and tips. It is a great place to get your gardening questions answered or to help a fellow gardener. It is a place to mentor new gardeners.
I know - many of you think I'm crazy for suggesting Facebook. I was skeptical at first. I had no interest in joining Facebook - I have a life and don't want to know what my high school friends had for lunch. But a friend insisted  that I join up and I'm so glad I did.

Check out the Proven Winners ColorChoice Facebook Fan Page and let me know what you think.


  1. On my way to check you out right now!


  2. Awesome page! I didn't know anything about it, so I'm glad you posted about it. Of course I became a fan There's over 6,000 fans! That's a lot of gardeners!

  3. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I look forward to receiving your newsletter and have read all your blogs.

    Problem is that the last two newsletters have come into my mailbox with your picture in the middle of the wording of your newsletter and I can't read the middle third. Can anything be done about this?


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