Pearl bush Snow Day Blizzard

Tom Ranney sent me some images of his new Snow Day Blizzard Exochorda. It is a new variety we are offering for the first time this spring. It has extra-large flowers as it is a tetraploid variety. Essentially this means the plant has them twice the amount of genetic material as the normal species and in this instance results in larger flowers. Good looking plant. I thought you might enjoy seeing these. You can learn more at the Spring Meadow website. 


  1. Just gorgeous! They must need acid soil- I've never heard of that shrub before which means it probably won't like my high alkaline soils. Sigh. So much of gardening is coveting what you CAN'T grow! LOL!

  2. Really outstanding shrub! I hope this variety will cross the ocean very soon and will grow in my garden in Poland.


  3. Pearl Bush extraordinaire! Southern girls gotta' love this exceptional shrub just like we love our pearls! Thanks Tom and Tim for your continued great work in bringing plants to our gardens!

  4. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Cynthia; I read on the UConn website that exochorda is PH tolerant - so I am giving it a try in 7.0.


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