Double Play Big Bang Spiraea

Not a bad looking shrub, especially in spring.

In the summer the foliage turns golden-yellow, while the new growth continues to emerge an attractive orange-red. The plant forms a dense ball about knee high. 

The late spring flowers are much larger than typical.  

Double Play® Big Bang Spiraea is an attractive garden plant. It was introduced last year so there should be finished plants at better retailers this spring.  Look for them in the distinctive white container with the Proven Winners logo.  

This is the third variety introduced into the Double Play® Series. Double Play Gold and Double Play® Artist are also noted for their improved flowers and foliage. Wholesale growers can buy liners from Spring Meadow Nursery at 1-800-633-8859.   


  1. That looks very similar to Walberton's(R) Magic Carpet bred by David Tristram. How does it differ?

  2. Good question. Magic Carpet is one of its parents. Double Play Big Bang is a darker red-orange in the spring. It has larger leaves and the flowers are much larger and showier. It is also a bit larger in height.

  3. Wow,Amazing gardern creation.In the summer the foliage turnd golden yellow,white the new growth continues to emerge attractive orange red.The plants are dense ball about the knee high.It look so amazing.

  4. I really love its orange color! Nice page.


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