Breeding a Better Rose - UK Travels continued

If you subscribe to this blog than you now Dale and I visited with Chris Warner the Oso Easy rose breeder while in England. Getting to his Shropshire home was not easy even with a GPS unit. English addresses are a tad bit strange and the GPS does not like them. Thank goodness for cell phones!

It was a great pleasure to visit with Chris and the get a better feel for how he breeds and selects his roses. For example - he leaves any diseased seedlings in his greenhouse seed beds so there is plenty of fungal inoculum available to infect and show which seedlings have the greatest disease resistance. We got to see all phases of his testing and selection. It is in the later stages in the process where Chris gets ruthless about culling out any diseased seedlings. Still even at these stages there are old rose plants near by to infect any susceptible roses.

One of the most disease resistant roses in the Oso Easy Line is called Honey Bun. Interestingly it is not a rose that Chris developed. Chris works with a network of breeders and tests their roses and helps them introduce their plants if they are good enough to make the cut. Honey Bun was developed my Leonard William Scrivens. Its beautiful honey yellow - white flowers are very prolific and it has outstanding black spot resistance.

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