Off to England

Later this week Dale and I are heading to England. The plan is to visit plant breeders, small specialty growers and hopefully find some new plants for North American gardens. We’ll start the tour with a stop a Wisley Gardens in Surrey. The Royal Horticulture Society conducts plant trials at Wisley so we will have a chance to see a number of plant trials and evaluate cultivars growing in side by side comparisons. It should be fun.

Another stop will take further north in Shropshire, where we’ll visit Chris Warner, the OSO EASY rose Breeder. We have been growing and trialing Chris’s roses for about 7 years but this will be the first time we get to see his breeding program up close and personal. While the rose market is difficult at the moment, we are getting great feedback from both growers and gardeners on the Oso Easy roses. This does not surprise me as Chris is one of the best rose breeders in the world. His plants have superb disease resistance, excellent hardiness, attractive glossy foliage, and unique vivid flower colors. Oso Easy Paprika seems to be the early favorite, but Chris is getting praises for all his roses. Our visit with Chris will give us insight into potential Oso Easy roses.

Do you know any of breeders or interesting nurseries in England that we should visit? If so – please send me an email. Perhaps we can fit in a few more stops.


  1. Don't forget to go to Kew Gardens (big anniversary this year) and I would take in David Austin roses. So many others.

  2. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Can you bring back ceanothus repens? It's low-growing and covered with blooms. Can't find it anywhere in the U.S.


    Judy May

  3. Who can resist Ceanothus. They were in full bloom when we were in England. Sorry but I can't bring any plants back do to regulations. Have you tried Forest Farn Nursery? They have a long list of Ceanothus.

  4. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Thank you for the link and I do love the Oso Easy Roses. I actually donated mine to the town because it was growing so large in my garden. It bloomed profusely. The Frangrant Spreader has such a nice scent.


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