Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea Video

I just bought a flip video recorder. What a great little device. This is my first attempt in using it - I suspect I should be using a tripod but I was very excited to use it and share with you what's looking good in the garden today. I've shared pictures of Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea before but video seems to give you a better idea of what the plant looks like. If you have a blog or a website you might consider a flip. It films in HD and is very reasonably priced. Best of all it's easy to bring along so you're more likely to use it. Check out the quality of this video.

As for the Hydrangea, it will be available at better garden centers in spring of 2010. We're pretty excited about the plant. It appears that the flowers are larger than anticipated. We're also excited that the plant will help raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

If you're a garden center retailer, think about how you can utilize this plant to raise even more money for breast cancer research. This spring Chalet Nursery and Garden Center featured this plant during their spring workships. They raffled off plants and donated the proceeds to the BCRF. Fruit Basket Flowerland did the same. The Morton Arboretum auctioned off a plant for $1,600. What could your garden center do for this great cause? Get your staff together and make a plan for next spring. Conact a Proven Winners ColorChoice Gold Key grower to purchase plants. Learn more at


  1. Anonymous2:37 PM

    It looks like a winner. Let's see, where can I fit another shrub??

  2. What a wonderful new hydrangea. The video feed really brings out the details. I can not wait to add this to Lime Light and Pinky Winky. It is so nice to get more of these rebloomers in the garden. So many of my old hydrangeas were often hit with late frosts and I would lose an entire year of blooms. I can not wait to see this next year.

  3. Anonymous1:37 PM

    I'm growing two of these and even though they are 1/3 the size of yours---they are blooming like crazy. I mean covered in them. The blooms are too big for the plant---but I know it will catch up.

    You should see my Limelight----incredible too! I am so pleased with PW shrubs and wish I could get the ones I visit to carry more! They completely ran out of Lo and Behold.

    I was able to get a Bloomerang---but sure hope to find one in the fall.

    OH and remember I donated my Oso Easy Roses to the town--well I guess they don't give up---cause I have a Paprika that sprouted up from roots I didn't get removed. Nice surprise.

  4. Anonymous4:51 PM

    This appears to be a great Hydrangea, I work at a nursery in Minnesota and although you state it is availible to those this year it is NOT. We recieved information on it and will not be able to get any at all til maybe this fall but for sure in the spring 2011. Please if you bring out new plants and state they are availible to the public that the supplier can deliver that year. Thank you.


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