New and Interesting Plants seen in the UK

We'll I had a few moments to go through some of my pictures from England and gleened out a few to share. The first one is an English Oak (Quercus robur) tree we say along side the road. It was so large we just had to stop and get a picture. Turns out it has a name - The Big Belly Oak and is one of the largest in the country.

We had a chance to visit the Berberis traials at Wisely. I hope to revisit them in this blog at a later time but they had Sunjoy Gold Pillar Berberis 'Maria' there and it looked great. The color was bright and there was no mildew or bunring as with some of the other yellows.

This is a very nice Buddleia grown not for it's flowers but rather its silver foliage. I think Plant Haven offers it. It's called Silver Anniversary. It have white flowers but that's not the reason to grow it. It was developed by Peter Moore.

Another plant by Peter Moore is Choisya Goldfingers. What a pretty container plant for the patio. I suspect it's a good plant for California or Oregon but not for the rest of us. Still very stunning.

This is a variegated from of Hydrangea a. pet. with dusty variegation. It comes from Japan and I believe it's been patented but I forget the name.

Schizophraga is a relative of the climbing Hydrangea. This unusual selection has yellow blotches on the leaves. I kind of like it but I think many people would think it has chemical damage

I have always loved this shrub but have never had success growing it. It's Sophora davidii - a member of the pea family. This plant was loaded with blue flowers and was quite stunning.


  1. Love the Big Belly Oak. amazing tree.

  2. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Hi Tim~~ As a self proclaimed plant addict, your posts are always so enjoyable. Not only me but my garden buddy Carol is going to beat down the door to get the Choisya. I love them all but must say that the Hydrangea a. pet. is my favorite. Thanks for the great post.

  3. If you look close you can see that the Big Belly Oak has a steel strap around the trunk to hold it together. It was a very difficult place to stop for a picture as the road was very narrow and the traffic was heavy and fast.

  4. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Is the H. petiolaris called 'Early Light'?

  5. The other plants are interesting, but can anything really compare with a grand old oak tree? I'd enjoy a European trip just to visit old forests! There aren't any mature trees in my young neighborhood, and I miss them. I'll have to get back to the redwood forests in Oregon or Northern California to enjoy the feeling of standing under a majestic, ancient tree again.

  6. This the is patent information I found. I think it could be the same plant.

    A new plant variety of Hydrangea anomala subspecies petiolaris named `KASAI` which is characterized by its White variegated foliage. New foliage of `KASAI` emerges predominantly White with a small amount of Green stippling apparent; as the foliage matures, foliage becomes predominantly Green in color, with some White mottling apparent and White margins; mature foliage is almost entirely Green in color though retaining White variegated margins and occasional White stippling.


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